Yonggu: Company Capital Loan Information Correction Announcement and Detailed Table in March 2022


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/04/26
2.Company name:Chongqing Guohao Yonggu New Building
Materials Co., Ltd.
3.Relationship with the Company (please enter "the company itself"
or "subsidiaries"):subsidiaries
4.Reciprocal shareholding percentage:not applicable
5.Cause of occurrence:
Correction of the company's March 2022 capital loan
and detailed table information
6.Information items/ statements to be corrected:
Fund loan and schedule
7.Amounts/ contents/ number of page to be corrected:
not applicable
8.Amounts/ contents/ number of page after correction:
The company that lent the funds: Chongqing Guohao
Yonggu New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Loan and object: Chongqing Yonggu Logistics Co., Ltd.
Whether is a related person: yes
Current account: other receivables from related parties
Accumulated maximum balance until the end of this
month: 67,590,000 thousand NTD
Ending balance: 67,590,000 thousand NTD
Actual moving expenses: 22,530,000 thousand NTD
Interest rate range: 0%
Fund loan and nature: 2
The reason why short-term financing is necessary:
operating turnover
Fund loan and limit for individual objects:
695,839,000 thousand NTD
Fund loan and total limit: 695,839 thousand NTD
Correction of March 111 funding credits on Public
Information Observatory list
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:

Carol M. Barragan