Roshen CEO has no plans to increase stake in company

Roshen Corporation CEO Viacheslav Moskalevsky does not intend to increase his stake in the company’s share capital in the near future.

“I don’t have such funds and I don’t want to take on debt. I’m a relatively happy person. If my share increases, nothing will change in my life, but I will owe money,” he said. he stated in an interview. with Interfax-Ukraine.

Currently Moskalevsky owns a 13% stake in Roshen, four other executives of the company namely Yevhen Vovchanovsky, Serhiy Zaitsev, Kostiantyn Mai and Volodymyr Yarandin each hold 0.5% of the shares. In 2013, Roshen CEO’s share in the company was 9%, Petro Poroshenko’s share was 91%.

“I really have a lot of problems: I have to fight, take anti-crisis measures, etc. Therefore, my share has increased. And Ihor Kononenko, Oleh Svynarchuk and Oleh Zimin are no longer tied to the company. Roshen’s head said.

Moskalevsky added that he did not believe in a quick sell off from Poroshenko amid the current economic situation.

“I think he won’t sell his stake quickly. Nestlé and Mondelez have their own factories here. Given the economic situation, I don’t think Ukraine is a priority market for them,” added the boss of the society.

Carol M. Barragan

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