Reliance becomes $ 200 billion company, capital reaches 15 lakh crore

MUMBAI: Reliance Industry has now joined the $ 200 billion group. The company’s market price has seen a sharp increase due to the increasing share of Reliance Industry in the stock market. Shares of the company hit a record high of Rs 2,343.90 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on Thursday, pushing the company’s total market capitalization to Rs 14.65 crore lakh.

The price of a dollar is around Rs 73.25 and according to that, 14.65 lakh rupees is 200 billion dollars. Reliance Industries, the richest company in the country, is now completely focused on advancing the retail business. The company intends to sell 15% of its stake in Reliance Retail Ventures, the holding company of its retail business, to private investors and sovereign wealth funds. According to the media, the objective of the company is to go from Rs 60,000 to 63,000 crore thanks to it.

A source linked to the case said new shares will be issued to investors and the fundraising process is expected to be completed by October. According to the source, “The company is also keen to bring in a strategic investor, but there is no active negotiation on that front at the moment. There is a discussion of the name of Amazon and Walmart, but nothing is ‘has been formalized again “.

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