Metabolon, Inc. Announces $72 Million Debt and Equity Financing to Accelerate Advances in Precision Medicine and Innovative Drug Development Technologies

MORRISVILLE, North Carolina, September 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Metabolon, Inc., the global leader in metabolomics solutions advancing drug development and precision medicine, today announced the closing of $72 million in combined debt and equity financing. This funding round included Perceptive Advisors as a new entrant. EW Healthcare Partners and other existing investors also participated in the financing.

“We are delighted with this strong show of support from Perceptive Advisors and our current investors,” said Rohan (Ro) Hastie, President and CEO, Metabolon. “I am also extremely pleased that some of the company’s early investors have also participated in this round of investment. The additional funding will help accelerate our growth and expand our customer base, in addition to helping continue our R&D programs in machine learning to enable new biomarker discovery and develop our precision medicine platform.”

Metabolomics, the large-scale study of all small molecules in a biological system, is the only “omics” technology that provides a functional readout of the current state of a biological system. By leveraging the world’s largest proprietary metabolite database, Metabolon can decipher thousands of discrete chemical signals from genetic and non-genetic factors to reveal biological pathways. Metabolon’s technology makes connections where other ‘omics can’t and provides the definitive representation of the phenotype.

The company also announced today the appointment of Robert A. Cascella, Chief Business Leader, Precision Diagnostics, and Executive Vice President of Phillips, as one of three independent members of Metabolon’s Board of Directors.

“Rob’s 30-year career in healthcare includes an impressive track record of creating value and delivering integrated solutions,” said Hastie, “We are honored to have his expertise on the board. to help lead Metabolon to our next stage of growth.

Cascella joins Todd Schermerhorn, retired senior vice president and chief financial officer of CR Bard, Inc, and John Lundberg, former president of Lilly Labs and responsible for R&D, as independent members of the board of directors.

About metabolomics
Metabolomics is emerging as the next frontier of “omics” innovation and the key to understanding biology, health and disease. All biological systems constantly fuel chemical reactions that produce small molecules, called metabolites, that make up the metabolome. Metabolomics reveals the complete representation of a phenotype of any biological system by examining the influence of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Data generated by metabolomics studies provide real-time, live insights to advance discoveries for biopharma, population health, consumer products and more.

About Metabolon
Metabolon, Inc., is the global leader in metabolomics, with a mission to provide metabolomics data and insights that broaden and accelerate the impact of life science research in all its applications. In 20 years, more than 10,000 projects, more than 2,000 publications and ISO 9001:2015 and CLIA certifications, Metabolon has developed cutting-edge scientific technology and bioinformatics techniques. Our Precision Metabolomics™ platform has enabled the development of the world’s largest proprietary metabolomics reference library. Our industry-leading data and translational science experts help our clients answer some of the toughest and most pressing questions in life sciences, accelerating research and development success. The company offers scalable and customizable metabolomics solutions, from discovery to clinical trials and product lifecycle management. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Perceptive
Founded in 1999, Perceptive Advisors is focused on supporting advancements in the life sciences industry by identifying opportunities and directing financial resources to the most promising technologies in modern healthcare. The company manages approximately $7.3 billion across its portfolio.

About EW Healthcare Partners
With nearly $4 billion raised since inception, EW Healthcare Partners is one of the largest and oldest private healthcare investment firms and seeks to make growth capital investments in fast-growing healthcare companies around the world. commercial stage in the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and technology services sectors in United States and in Europe. Since its inception in 1985, EW Healthcare Partners has maintained its singular commitment to the healthcare industry and has been a long-term investor in over 150 healthcare companies, spanning all industries, stages and geographies. The team is made up of more than 20 experienced investment professionals with offices in Palo Alto, Houston, New York, and London. For more information, visit

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