Malaga Capital Meats’ meat business evolves to survive

A Malaga meat wholesaler known to supply Perth’s hotel sector had to think on his feet when pubs and restaurants closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Capital Meats owners Lisa McGuinness and Rick Lefroy began marketing their products primarily from Western Australian beef, lamb and pork after losing “about 80% of our business.”

“We had to change our business very quickly when this happened,” Ms. McGuinness said.

“We had to open up to the general public… and give them the best pub meats. “

They had to tell people where their factory was in Malaga – so people could buy directly and pick up orders – and start home deliveries.

They posted on their Facebook page and dropped a flyer around Mount Hawthorn and Leederville where the McGuinness family live, across Malaga and in Dianella where Mr. Lefroy resides.

“Slowly, slowly” people are embracing the new wholesaler service.

“We were ordered to six or seven people on our street – we didn’t even know them,” she said. “And now we have delivered. “

Ms McGuinness has long been in business with her husband Brad. They welcomed Mr. Lefroy to the company about three years ago after meeting on vacation in Koh Samui off the coast of Thailand.

Mr. McGuinness started at P&O Containers at the age of 18 and ran the company’s meat export business before starting his own business.

He is also well known in the hospitality industry, having previously owned a share of the Wembley Hotel.

Carol M. Barragan

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