Blockmetrix Raises $20M in Debt Funding from BankProv

  • Blockmetrix brought $20 million in new debt to BankProv
  • Dallas-based Bitcoin (BTC) mining startup has raised funds from a crypto merchant bank
  • Computerized resource trading CrossTower also acknowledged the details

The funding comes after Blockmetrix previously raised $5 million underwater from similar lenders in December, an absolute increase of $25 million. , Australia and some Asian countries.

Blockmetrix did not give the intricacies of the terms of the bond. Either way, Blockmetrix CEO and fellow benefactor Nevin Banister told CoinDesk that returns from the new funding will be used to expand its tasks, including purchasing additional mining machines and allocating resources to joint efforts. (JV) to assemble the foundation.

This is exactly what we call our colo-light methodology, in which Blockmetrix collaborates with an industry-leading colocation engineer and administrator delivering value and working as an anchor dweller for the new prosecution, Banister said, adding that the JV accomplice will give full formative and functional fitness.

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This allows Blockmetrix to both control our energy costs and secure areas for our devices, while having a valuable held interest in the office without functional necessity.

Blockmetrix’s current normal hashrate is around 0.32 exahash per second (EH/s) and plans to expand it by more than 200% to 1 EH/s before the end of the current year once the rest of the mining rigs will appear and be connected.

The year-end hashrate projection excludes likely consolidations or acquisitions of existing diggers, which the organization is currently considering, Banister said. BankProv gives bond capital answers to bitcoin diggers and other crypto-connected organizations, while CrossTower mining contributions help both retail and institutional diggers.

As with the recently raised $7 million Blockmetrix Series A, the new funding will be used to purchase more than 5,000 computational resource mining rigs, adding to the more than 1,000 the organization is currently working on. Currently, a large portion of these devices are in Oklahoma, but according to the Dallas Morning News, Blockmetrix will move them to Texas as soon as possible.


With the money it makes from bitcoin mining, Blockmetrix says it intends to explore and create emerging crypto revenue streams, advance bitcoin, and seek nearby open doors like setting up a digital money business or setting up co-facilitator offices.

We are heading towards the most important level of incredible skills in the crypto mining industry, says Blockmetrix on its site. Mining bitcoin is just the beginning. We intend to use our bitcoin that we mine to make the most of adjacent open doors.

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Fellow benefactor and corporate director, David Kiger, told DMN that Blockmetrix has long-term plans to open up to the world and that the organization sees Texas as the next potential mining capital. of bitcoins.

In addition to having relatively low energy costs, the state has made progress such as the legal characterization of what a virtual currency is and the establishment of a public-private working group centered on the blockchain, both engines led by the Richardson-based Texas Blockchain Council.

Nearby regulatory backers have continued with interest in advanced resource extraction activities in the state with hopes of rejuvenating financial development and maintaining standing in the region, Blockmetrix said.

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