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Why don’t people save for retirement? Saving for old age is not a topic that interests a lot. The reasons? There may be several, but among the most common are the lack of interest or perspective of the future. Here we leave you with the most common reasons that Mexicans have found a barrier to decide to invest in the future.

Why don’t people save for retirement? here the reasons


This topic is one of the ones that many people around the world postpone, but why do they do it? Perhaps it has to do with that, culturally, we are not prepared for the future and the future. This bias can have various forms and reasons why people do not save for retirement. Know them!

Human beings by nature, enjoy instant recognition and gratification. For this reason, saving and even talking about retirement is usually a bit unpleasant, since the benefit is not perceived as immediate or the future cannot be seen.

This bias is that the person evades the issues that are unpleasant and sometimes the issue of retirement retirement is usually associated with the final stage of life or inactivity, as well as the loss of income. For this reason, many people try to avoid the general issue of retirement in order to avoid the context itself.

The overconfidence bias

The overconfidence bias

It consists of a problem of overvaluation of the intuitive capacity that is usually accompanied by prediction that is not always right. For example, we usually ask for credits or postpone purchases and payments “thinking” that later the economic situation will improve us. There are no visible indicators that make the withdrawal considered.

In general, there are no elements in the daily routine that reminds us that in the future there are also doubts, payments and purchases. We regularly receive alerts of present payments such as rent, payment of services or transport, and it is because of the immediacy of the payment that it is not possible to see a little beyond the daily obligations.

The uncertainty of the future discourages action


Thinking about retirement can generate feelings of uncertainty in people. This feeling discourages the action of thinking about what to do? After working life. So it is postponed for an undetermined date. People do not save for retirement because they simply fear “not knowing what to do.”

It is not bad that you do not have everything planned, but if it is somewhat worrisome that the issue of retirement and saving for it is avoided too often.