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To qualify for the discount plan, Bucarest Bank shall hold a Retail Forint Payment Account or an Investment Card (hereinafter Payment Account) or open a new Payment Account upon conclusion of the Loan Agreement (eg: The account management fee is 0 HUF if you apply for a personal payday loan at the Bank and you open the account with the borrowed loan and the loan or loan is repaid from this account. The HUF 0 account keeping fee is subject to the electronic statement and the purchase of a bank card with a minimum of HUF 30,000. In addition, transfer your regular monthly income (at least the relevant minimum wage) to the Payment Account during the term of the loan and repay the loan from the Payment Account by direct debit or standing order.


If the requested loan amount reaches or exceeds

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HUF 3,000,000, the claimant must have a minimum 2-month payment history in his / her own name, which can be verified by a payment account statement, at any domestic financial institution where his / her income appears regularly. If the existing payment account is not a Bucarest Bank account, then at the same time as the Loan Agreement, Bucarest Bank shall open a retail Payment Account and shall certify the employer’s salary transfer certificate issued by the employer to the account opened with Bucarest Bank. Your current terms and conditions are set out in the Bank’s current Personal Loan Notice. This ad is not classified under the Civil Code. 6: 64. The Bank shall grant the Loan on the basis of the terms and conditions of the respective loan evaluation.


Your approved payday loan and the fees of the facility

Your approved loan and the fees of the facility

The rate of the individual APR depends on the duration of your approved payday loan and the fees of the facility. When calculating the APR of the above construction, the most favorable monthly account management fee of HUF 0 was taken into account for the Basic H account package. The exact repayment details shall be determined by the Bank on the date of approval. The amount of the installment payment may vary, depending on the date of approval of the payday loan, and we will inform our customers in advance of the amount.